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    Be sure to visit our town during the month of August for its Annual Rum Runner's Racket

                                                 Festival, held during the third weekend.

An incorporated community (1963), Hermitage-Sandyville consists of communities of Hermitage and Sandyville. The community spans the peninsula that separates Hermitage and Connaigre Bays: Hermitage is located on the Hermitage Bay side of the peninsula while Sandyville is on the Connaigre Bay side.

Hermitage is located in a well-protected cove which has a very good harbour extending well inland. The harbour entrance is deep with a shallow bottom near its head and is protected by barren-topped hills which rise on both sides of the harbour. A brook divides the flatter land at the head of the ice free harbour with settlement concentrated on the ample level land on its eastern side. It is about 200 kilometres from the Trans Canada Highway, and is located on the South Coast of Newfoundland.

Hermitage, which was used as a fishing station by the French in the Seventeenth Century, was later an outport of the London-based Robert Newman and Company (later Newman and Hunt) by 1800, and by the Twentieth Century was the regional services centre of Hermitage Bay. Hermitage was an early outport of French fishing interests centered at St. Pierre and Plaisance (Placentia) on the south coast in the Seventeenth Century. It was reported to be occupied in 1687 by one family and a number of fishing servants, the civilian population totaling thirty-one inhabitant.




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